Video of High Force in Flood

We had some pretty intense thunderstorms and flash flooding yesterday so we battled our way up Teesdale to have a look at High Force Waterfall. Unfortunately the pathway down to the waterfall on the easier north side was closed so we had to walk around to the south side. The Tees rises and falls very quickly and even in the short time we were there had dropped well over a foot. One thing for certain had it still been rising we would certainly not have crossed the footbridge below High Force. We then headed back down the dale to Barnard Castle.

Three Images from the Evening.
Also notice the difference between the first pic and the last one captured 30 minutes apart. You can see by the small central waterfall that the main flood pulse has passed through and the river level is starting to recede.

High Force in Flood

High Force in Flood

Watching the Spectacle of High Force in Flood.