Pyrenees Timelapse

Unfortunately despite my best intentions time restraints are preventing me from producing a detailed write up of my trip to the Pyrenees at the beginning of July. This lack of time has been due in part to the amount of work I have been putting into developing the video production element of the business. In addition I am also developing a video library so that other video producers and stock clients can license sequences to add into their own projects. As with my stills photography some video sequences will also be available via my agents.

With that in mind if you are an individual, organisation, or business that relies on the wonderful landscape of the UK to help promote their product or services please feel free to get in touch without obligation. Equally if you are another professional videographer/photographer/producer who requires someone to collaborate with footage on a landscape, or wildlife project, again please feel free to get in touch without obligation.

Anyway enough of the promotional speak. With some of the footage I took in the Pyrenees I have found time to produce a short timelapse test to compare different techniques using the Canon 5Dmk2 for the first two sequences and a Canon XA10 for the final Vignemale sequence. Overall two different techniques were used, with the first two being true timelapse sequences and the final one is a cheat as it is simply speeded up. Wind movement has distorted the final scene as well, which may not have been particularly noticeable with a true time-lapse technique.