Autumn Colours are Fading Fast

With the high Pennine hills sporting a covering of snow autumn certainly seems to be giving way to winter. Last week I spent a pleasant morning near Low Force capturing a few images of the remaining beech trees that still had some colour. Yesterday I visited Gibson's Cave and it was clear that the recent wind and rain has stripped most of the trees of their leaves. A cloudy sky and flat light however made it ideal for capturing some long exposure shots of the various waterfalls on the beck. The fallen leaves giving just a hint of autumn and adding just enough colour to transform an otherwise bleak scene.

05D-8176 Ferns (possibly Male Fern Dryopteris felix-mas) Growing Beside Woodland Stream Teesdale County Durham UK
Ferns (possibly the Male Fern Dryopteris felix-mas) growing beside the beck just downstream from Gibsons Cave

The dead leaves provide a little colour but autumn is certainly giving way to winter.

Most of the trees have lost their leaves. Summerhill Force with Gibson's Cave behind.